FZ5 EdgeBoard AI Box (Xilinx ZU5EV) (1)

Single Board Computers

MYS-6ULX (NXP i.MX 6UL/6ULL) (1)

MYS-8MMX-V2 (i.MX 8M Mini) (1)

Rico Board (TI AM437x) (1)

FZ5 Card (Xilinx ZU5EV) (1)

FZ3 Card (Xilinx ZU3EG) (1)

Z-turn Board (Xilinx Zynq-7010/20) (1)

Z-turn Board V2 (Zynq-7010/20) (1)

Z-turn Lite (Xilinx Zynq-7010) (1)

System-On-Modules (SOMs)

MYC-YT113X (Allwinner T113-S3) (1)

MYC-YT113i (Allwinner T113-i) (1)

MYC-YT507H (Allwinner T507-H) (1)

MYC-LT527 (Allwinner T527) (1)



MYC-C7Z015 (Xilinx Zynq-7015) (1)

MYC-C7Z010/20-V2 (Z-7010/20) (1)

MYC-Y7Z010/20-V2 (Zynq-7010/20) (1)

MYC-CZU3EG/4EV/5EV-V2 (Xilinx) (1)

MYC-YF13X (ST STM32MP135) (1)

MYC-YA15XC-T (ST STM32MP151) (1)

MYC-YA157C-V3 (ST STM32MP157) (1)

MYC-Y6ULX-V2 (i.MX 6UL/6ULL) (1)

MYC-JX8MX (NXP i.MX8M) (1)

MYC-JX8MMA7 (8M Mini+Artix-7) (1)

MYC-C8MMX-V2 (i.MX 8M Mini) (1)

MYC-JX8MPQ (NXP i.MX 8M Plus) (1)

MYC-J1028X (NXP LS1028A) (1)

MYC-IMX28X (NXP i.MX28) (1)

MYC-YM62X (TI AM62x) (1)

MYC-C437X-V2 (TI AM437x) (1)

MYC-J335X-V2 (TI AM335x) (1)

MYC-Y335X-V2 (TI AM335x) (1)

MYC-C335X-V4 (TI AM335x) (1)

MYC-C335X-GW (TI AM335x) (1)

MYC-JD9360 (SemiDrive D9-Pro) (1)

MYC-SAMA5D3X (Atmel A5D3) (1)

MYC-SAM9X5 (Atmel SAM9X5) (1)

Development Boards

MYD-YT113X (Allwinner T113-S3) (1)

MYD-YT113i (Allwinner T113-i) (1)

MYD-LT527 (Allwinner T527) (1)

MYD-YT507H (Allwinner T507-H) (1)

Remi Pi (Renesas RZ/G2L) (1)

MYD-YG2LX (Renesas RZ/G2L) (1)

MYD-YG2UL (Renesas RZ/G2UL) (1)

MYD-C7Z015 (Xilinx Zynq-7015) (1)

MYD-C7Z010/20-V2 (Z-7010/20) (1)

MYD-Y7Z010/20 (Zynq-7010/20) (1)

MYD-Y7Z010/20-V2 (Zynq-7010/20) (1)

MYD-CZU3EG/4EV/5EV-V2 (Xilinx) (1)

MYD-YF13X (ST STM32MP135) (1)

MYD-YA15XC-T (ST STM32MP151) (1)

MYD-YA157C-V3 (ST STM32MP157) (1)

MYD-Y6ULX-V2 (i.MX 6UL/6ULL) (1)

MYD-JX8MMA7 (8M Mini+Artix-7) (1)

MYD-C8MMX-V2 (i.MX 8M Mini) (1)

MYD-JX8MPQ (NXP i.MX 8M Plus) (1)

MYD-JX8MX (NXP i.MX8M) (1)

MYD-J1028X (NXP LS1028A) (1)

MYD-YM62X (TI AM62x) (1)

MYD-C437X-V2-PRU (TI AM437x) (1)

MYD-C437X-V2 (TI AM4378) (1)

MYD-C335X-V4 (TI AM335x) (1)

MYD-J335X-V2 (TI AM335x) (1)

MYD-Y335X-V2 (TI AM335x) (1)

MYD-C335X-GW (TI AM335x) (1)

MYD-JD9360 (SemiDrive D9-Pro) (1)

Add-on Options

Z-turn IO Cape (for Z-turn Board) (1)

Z-turn Lite IO Cape (for Z-turn Lite) (1)

MYB-6ULX (for MYS-6ULX) (1)

MY-LCD43TP LCD Module (1)

MY-LCD70TP LCD Module (1)

MY-LCD70TP-C LCD Module (1)

MY-LVDS070C LCD Module (1)

MY-WF003U USB WiFi Module (1)

MY-WF005S WiFi/BT Module (1)

MY-CAM002U Camera Module (1)

MY-CAM011B BUS Camera Module (1)

MY-CAM003M Camera Module (1)


MY-SODIMM200 Socket (1)

Discontinued Products

MYC-C7Z010/20 (Zynq-7010/20) (1)

MYC-Y7Z010/20 (Zynq-7010/20) (1)

MCC-SAMA5D3X-C (Atmel A5D3) (1)

MYC-JA5D2X (Atmel A5D2) (1)

MYC-CZU3EG/4EV/5EV (Xilinx) (1)

MYC-JA5D4X (Atmel A5D4) (1)

MYC-SAM9X5-V2 (Atmel SAM9X5) (1)

MYC-Exynos4412 (Samsung) (1)

MYC-S5PV210 (Samsung S5PV210) (1)

MYD-CZU3EG/4EV/5EV (Xilinx) (1)

VECP Starter Kit (Xilinx ZU3EG) (1)



MYD-IMX28X (NXP i.MX28) (1)

MYD-LPC185X (NXP LPC185x) (1)

MYD-LPC435X (NXP LPC435x) (1)

MYD-LPC1788 (NXP LPC1788) (1)

MYD-SAM9X5-V2 (Atmel SAM9X5) (1)

MYD-SAM9X5 (Atmel SAM9X5) (1)

MYD-JA5D2X (Atmel A5D2) (1)

MYD-SAMA5D3X-C (Atmel A5D3) (1)

MYD-SAMA5D3X (Atmel A5D3) (1)

MYD-JA5D4X (Atmel A5D4) (1)

MYS-8MMX (NXP i.MX 8M Mini) (1)

MYS-S5PV210 (Samsung S5PV210) (1)

MYS-SAM9G45 (Atmel SAM9G45) (1)

MYS-SAM9X5 (Atmel SAM9X5) (1)

MY-WF004S SDIO WiFi Module (1)

MY-UART012U Convertor (1)

MYD-Y7Z010/20 IO Cape (1)


MY-EVC5100S-HMI (TI AM335x) (1)

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MYIR Products Overview

MYIR offers a variety of development boards, single board computers and CPU modules based on ARM processors covering from ARM low-end Cortex-M0 to high-end Cortex-A72 cores. You can select from below table which classified by ARM processor vendors (Atmel Series, ALLWINNER Series, NXP Series, RENESAS Series, SemiDrive Series, ST Series, TI Series and Xilinx Series). We accept custom design services based on our existing hardware, either reducing or adding functions. We can also provide a complete new solution according to customer's requirement and even for a Turnkey design.

You can also select through classification by
System-On-Modules (SOMs), Development Boards, Single Board Computers, Solutions and Extension Modules.

System-On-Modules (SOMs) Development Boards

MYC-LT527 (T527, 8*Cortex-A55)

MYC-YT507H (T507-H, 4*Cortex-A53)

MYC-YT113X (T113-S3, 2*Cortex-A7)

MYC-YT113i (T113-i, 2*Cortex-A7)

MYD-LT527 (based on MYC-LT527)

MYD-YT507H (based on MYC-YT507H)

MYD-YT113X (based on MYC-YT113X)

MYD-YT113i (based on MYC-YT113i)

NXP Series
System-On-Modules (SOMs) Development Boards Single Board Computers

MYC-J1028X (LS1028A, 2*Cortex-A72)

MYC-JX8MX (i.MX 8M, 4*Cortex-A53+1*M4)

MYC-JX8MMA7 (i.MX 8M Mini + Artix-7 FPGA)

(i.MX 8M Mini, 4*Cortex-A53+1*M4)

MYC-JX8MPQ (i.MX 8M Plus, 4*Cortex-A53+1*M7)

MYC-Y6ULX-V2 (i.MX6UL/6ULL, Cortex-A7)

MYD-J1028X (based on MYC-J1028X)

MYD-JX8MX (based on MYC-JX8MX)

MYD-JX8MMA7 (based on MYC-JX8MMA7)

MYD-C8MMX-V2 (based on MYC-C8MMX-V2)

MYD-JX8MPQ (based on MYC-JX8MPQ)

MYD-Y6ULX-V2 (based on MYC-Y6ULX-V2)

(i.MX6UL/6ULL, Cortex-A7)

(i.MX 8M Mini,


System-On-Modules (SOMs) Development Boards

MYC-YG2UL (RZ/G2UL, Cortex-A55+M33)

MYC-YG2LX (RZ/G2L, 2*Cortex-A55+1*M33)

MYD-YG2UL (based on MYC-YG2UL)

MYD-YG2LX (based on MYC-YG2LX)

Remi Pi (RZ/G2L, 2*Cortex-A55+1*M33)

SemiDrive Series
System-On-Modules (SOMs) Development Boards

MYC-JD9360 (D9-Pro, 6*Cortex-A55+1*R5)

MYD-JD9360 (based on MYC-JD9360)

ST Series
System-On-Modules (SOMs) Development Boards

MYC-YA157C (STM32MP157A, 2*Cortex-A7+1*M4)

MYC-YA15XC-T (STM32MP151A, Cortex-A7+M4)

MYC-YF13X (STM32MP135, Cortex-A7)

MYD-YA157C (based on MYC-YA157C)

MYD-YA15XC-T (based on MYC-YA15XC-T)

MYD-YF13X (based on MYC-YF13X)

TI Series
System-On-Modules (SOMs) Development Boards Single Board Computers

MYC-YM62X (AM62x, 1/2/4*Cortex-A53+1*M4F)

MYC-C437X ( AM437x, Cortex-A9)

MYC-AM335X (AM335x, Cortex-A8)

MCC-AM335X-Y (AM335x, Cortex-A8)

MCC-AM335X-J (AM335x, Cortex-A8)

MYC-C335X-GW (AM335x, Cortex-A8)

MYD-YM62X (based on MYC-YM62X)

MYD-C437X (based on MYC-C437X)

MYD-C437X-PRU (based on MYC-C437X)

MYD-AM335X (based on MYC-AM335X)

MYD-AM335X-Y (based on MCC-AM335X-Y)

MYD-AM335X-J (based on MCC-AM335X-J

MYD-C335X-GW (based on MYC-C335X-GW)

Rico Board
(AM437x, Cortex-A9)


Xilinx Series
System-On-Modules (SOMs) Development Boards Single Board Computers

MYC-Y7Z010/20-V2 (Z-7010/20)

MYC-C7Z010/20-V2 (Zynq-7010/20)

MYC-C7Z015 (Zynq-7015)

(Zynq UltraScale+ ZU3EG/4EV/5EV)

(based on MYC-Y7Z010/20-V2)

(based on MYC-C7Z010/20-V2)

MYD-C7Z015 (based on MYC-C7Z015)

(based on MYC-CZU3EG/4EV/5EV-V2)

Z-turn Board V2
(Zynq-7010/20, Cortex-A9)

Z-turn Lite
(Z-7007S/7010, Cortex-A9)

FZ3 Card
(Zynq UltraScale+ ZU3EG)

FZ5 Card
(Zynq UltraScale+ ZU5EV)

FZ5 EdgeBoard AI Box
(Xilinx Zynq UltraScale+ ZU5EV, 4*Cortex-A53+2*R5)
Extension Modules (Add-on Options)

Click here to download the MYIR Module Supporting List

NEW! Ultra-low-cost and high-performance ARM embedded SoMs


(Allwinner T113-S3)


(TI AM62x)



39mm x 37mm 45mm x 43mm

Up to 1.2GHz Allwinner T113-S3 Dual-core ARM Cortex-A7 MPU with 128MB DDR3 and Single-core HiFi4 DSP

TI AM62x Processor (AM6231/AM6252/AM6254) based on Single/Dual/Quad ARM Cortex-A55 and Cortex-M4F Cores

4GB eMMC/256MB Nand Flash, 32KB EEPROM

1GB/2GB DDR4, 8GB eMMC Flash, 32KB EEPROM, Power Management IC

1.0mm pitch 140-pin Stamp Hole Expansion Interface

1.0mm pitch 222-pin Stamp Hole Expansion Interface
Supports Running Linux 5.4 OS Supports Running Linux 5.10 OS
Low-cost SBC for IoT and Industry 4.0 Applications!
MYS-6ULX, NXP i.MX 6UL/6ULL, ARM Cortex-A7, Linux Debain, Yocoto, QT



70mm x 55mm, 8-layer PCB design, DC5V/1A or USB power supply



Industry 4.0




256MB DDR3, 256MB Nand Flash, eMMC (DNP, reserved design)
10/100Mbps Ethernet port, 1 x USB Host port, 1 x USB OTG port, 1 x Micro SD card slot, 1 x LCD interface

1 x Reset Button, 1 x User Button, 1 x Power Indicator, 2 x User LEDs

Debug connector (2.5mm pitch 3-pin Headers, TTL)
Two 2.0mm pitch 2x20-pin Headers for Extension
- USB based, 2.4GHz, IEEE 802.11b/g/n standards
Linux with Debian distribution (Amazon Alexa Voice Service Demo)
Linux by Yocto Project with Ported QT