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MYIR Launches New SOM Based on Allwinner T527 Octa-core Processor

2023-12-29   10:0:56     Click: 2279

Shenzhen, China – March 6, 2024 MYIR has launched the MYC-LT527, a cost-effective System-on-Module (SoM) that is equipped with the T527 AI platform SoC. This SoC delivers superior computing power with its Octa-core ARM Cortex-A55 CPU, up to 1.8GHz main frequency, and strong G57 MC1 GPU performance. For users with higher performance needs, the T527 supports up to 2 TOPs NPU, further enhancing AI computing capabilities.

The MYC-LT527 performs well in hardware configuration. It integrates 2GB/4GB LPDDR4, 8GB/16GB eMMC, 32Kbit EEPROM and power management IC (PMIC), and adopts 381-pin expansion interface design in LGA packaging, enabling the base board to carry the most I/O signals to and from the CPU module, providing users with more flexible and powerful scalability. Compact in size at only 45mm by 43mm, the MYC-LT527 is ready to run Android operation system and suitable for a range of application scenarios, including high-performance industrial robots, energy and power, medical equipment, display and controller machines, edge board AI boxes, vehicle terminals and other embedded devices that require media and AI functionalities.

MYC-LT527 Top-view and Bottom-view

MYC-LT527 (delivered with shielding cover installed by default)

Features Of MYC-LT527

- Dimensions: 45mm x 43mm

- PCB Layers: 12-layer design

- Power supply: 5V/3A

- Working temperature: -40~85 Celsius (industrial grade) or -20~70 Celsius (extended temperature)

- OS support: Android 13 (available now), Linux 5.15 + QT (available in one month), Ubuntu/Debian (available in two months)

- Allwinner T527 processor
* Octa-core ARM Cortex-A55, up to 1.8GHz
* RISC-V CPU, up to 200 MHz
* 600MHz HIFI4 Audio DSP
* Up to 2 Tops NPU


- 16GB/32GB eMMC

- 32Kbit EEPROM

- Power Management IC

- 381-pin LGA Expansion Interfaces
* 1 x PCIe2.1, RC mode (reused with USB3.1)
* 1 x USB 2.0 DRD
* 1 x USB 2.0 Host
* 1 x USB 3.1 DRD (reused with PCIe2.1)
* 2 x SDIO 3.0
* 10 x UART
* 2 x CAN
* 9 x I2C
* 30 x PWM
* 4 x SPI
* 24 x GPADC, 12-bit
* 2 x LRADC, 6-bit
* 1 x Parallel CSI, 16-bit
* 1 x HDMI 2.0
* 1 x eDP
* 2 x LVDS with dual link- 2 x RGB
* 4+4-lane, 4+2+2-lane, or 2+2+2+2-lane MIPI-CSI
* 2 x MIPI-DSI
* 2 x DACs and 3 x ADCs
* 3 x audio outputs
* 3 x audio inputs
* 4 x I2S/PCM
* 1 x SPIF I/O
* 2 x CIR RX and 1 x CIR TX
* Up to 138 x GPIO

MYC-LT527 CPU Module Block Diagram

MYIR offers the MYD-LT527 Development Board for evaluating the MYC-LT527. This board is assembled by soldering the MYC-LT527 CPU Module onto a base board, which serves as an expansion board tailor-made for using with the MYC-LT527 module. It is equipped with a comprehensive range of interfaces, including one USB3.0, two USB2.0, two Gigabit Ethernet, two CAN interfaces, a WiFi/Bluetooth module, a Micro SD card slot, an Audio interface, two Mini-CSI interfaces, and multiple display interfaces: HDMI, Mini-DP, MIPI-DSI and LVDS. It also features a 40-pin RPI-compatible expansion interface and a MYIR custom 40-pin expansion interface, MI Fans PI interface, for increased expandability. Additionally, MYIR offers optional MY-CAM003M Camera Module, MY-WIREDCOM RPI Module (RS232/RS485/CAN) and MY-LVDS070C LCD Module, which greatly enhance the functionality of the board.

MYD-LT527 Development Board Top-view

MYD-LT527 Development Board Bottom-view

MYD-LT527 Development Board (delivered with heatsink installed by default)

MYD-LT527 Development Board Block Diagram

MYIR provides four standard configurations for the MYC-LT527 SOM to meet the different needs of the customers. The modules are affordable and we also offer discounts for bulk purchases.

Part No.




Working Temp.

Unit Price





-40~85 Celsius






-40~85 Celsius





Not Support

-40~85 Celsius





Not Support

-20~70 Celsius


More information about the MYC-LT527 System-On-Module can be found at:

MYIR also offers ODM and OEM services. MYIR's SMT smart factory offers one-stop PCBA manufacturing services.

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