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Welcome to MYIR - Make Your Idea Real

MYIR Tech Limited (MYIR for short), established in 2011, is a global provider of embedded System-On-Modules (SOMs) and comprehensive solutions based on various architectures such as ARM, FPGA, RISC-V, and AI. We cater to customers' needs for large-scale production, offering customized design, industry-specific application solutions, and one-stop OEM services.


MYIR, recognized as a national high-tech enterprise, is also listed among the "Specialized and Special new" Enterprises in Shenzhen, China. Our core belief is that "Our success stems from our customers' success" and embraces the philosophy of "Make Your Idea Real, then My Idea Realizing!" More about MYIR >>

Development Boards
An extensive range of development boards for customers' evaluation and reference design to quickly start your design. The boards are based on ARM Cortex-M3/M4, ARM9, Cortex-A5/A7/ A8/A9/A53 processors from various vendors like Allwinner, Microchip (Atmel), NXP, RENESAS, ST, TI, Xilinx, etc.
Single Board Computers

High-performance, cost-effective ARM single board computers that are power enough to run Linux, Android, Windows CE or any other high-level operating systems. They are designed to work right out-of-box, thus speed up your product time to market and save cost.

System-On-Modules (SOMs)

Highly-integrated ARM embedded controller boards with small form factors, integrated core components and supports Linux and Android OS to provide control and processing capabilities which would be ideal for your next embedded design.

Extension Modules

Many extension modules are designed to further enhance the functions of the board products including LCD modules (with resistive or capacitive touch screen), WiFi module, Camera module, 3G module, GPS module, GPRS module and ZigBee modules.              


OEM & ODM Services

MYIR has its own ISO 9001:2005 certified SMT factory. MYIR is fully skilled to design, prototype, manufacture, testing, support which will provide you one-stop service to accelerate your time to market and save cost. We are pleased to be your OEM and ODM partner for ARM embedded design services and solutions.


MYIR offers ARM based Human Machine Interface (HMI) display solution, AI Edge computing solutions and more others for applications such as industrial control, manufacturing plants, vending machines, food and beverage, automation industry, etc.             



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  MYIR Product Brochure

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