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MYIR Tech Announces Distribution Partnership with Beti Elektronik to Expand Presence Across Turkey

2024-4-18   10:40:16     Click: 479

Shenzhen, China, April
18, 2024 — MYIR Tech Limited (“MYIR”), a global provider of embedded System on Modules (SOMs) and solutions, has announced a distribution partnership with Beti Elektronik Sanayi ve Ticaret Ltd. Sti., a leading company in Turkey that has been offering a diverse array of embedded electronics services since its inception in 1998.

The partnership between MYIR Tech and Beti Elektronik represents a symbiotic relationship that benefits both parties. MYIR Tech gains access to a vast market in Turkey, where demand for its products and solutions has been steadily growing. Meanwhile, Beti Elektronik expands its offering, adding MYIR's high-quality SOMs and solutions to its already extensive range of embedded electronics services. For Turkish customers, this partnership opens up a world of opportunities. They can now seamlessly access MYIR's products, backed by Beti's exceptional service, prompt delivery, and convenient payment options.

“With our company's leading position and expertise in the industry, I believe this alliance will enable us to effectively market MYIR products, maximize customer satisfaction and enhance the efficiency of our collaboration by leveraging the convenience advantages offered by Beti.” said Emrah İŞSEVER, the company manager of Beti Elektronik.

"We are delighted to establish this distribution agreement with Beti, as it will significantly expand MYIR's presence in the Turkish market. Leveraging Beti's profound industry expertise, and exceptional customer service, we anticipate a greater number of Turkish customers discovering and utilizing MYIR's products and technologies through a more accessible route," James Zhong, President of MYIR Tech, commented.

About Beti Elektronik

Beti Elektronik San. Ve Tic. Ltd. Şti was established in 1998 with the aim of manufacturing and importing microprocessor and microcontroller training sets and development boards. Over the years, with its expert team, Beti has become one of the pioneers of embedded electronics in Turkey and has risen to leadership levels. Beti has contributed to the growth and development of a generation in Turkey, either through schools or individually, with our products. Additionally, our products are preferred in the industrial sector for project implementation, optimization of production processes, increasing efficiency and reducing costs. Customer satisfaction and our commitment to quality are the cornerstone of our business. We continue to progress with our global partners in the industry who constantly develop innovative solutions and meet the needs of our customers. By embracing the concept of "Electronics for Everyone" and working towards it we aim to facilitate access to the world of electronics in our country.

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About MYIR Tech

MYIR Tech Limited is a global supplier of stable and reliable System-On-Modules (SOMs) tailored for embedded applications across diverse architectures such as ARM, FPGA, RISC-V, and AI, catering exclusively to enterprise customers. We fulfill large-scale production requirements by providing custom design, industry-specific solutions, and comprehensive OEM one-stop services. Our SOMs are powered by processors from reputable vendors including Allwinner, AMD, NXP, RENESAS, SemiDrive, ST, and TI. MYIR firmly believes that our success is rooted in our customers' success, and we embraces the concept of "Make Your Idea Real, then My Idea Realizing!"

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