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MYIR Products Guide
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      Z-turn Board Overvie...
      Z-turn Board Schemat...
      Zynq-7000 Overview
      MYC-YA157C CPU Modul...
      Z-turn IO Cape Schem...
      MYD-Y6ULX Base Board...
      MYC-Y6ULX Overview
      Z-turn Board Quick S...
      MYC-Y6ULX-V2 Pinout ...
      MYC-C7Z010/20 Overvi...

MYIR Products Guide

Product Documents and Files Download Update Click Size
  T113-S3   MYD-YT113X Development Board Overview pdf 2023.5.9 1368 1.37 MB
  T113-S3   MYC-YT113X CPU Module Overview pdf 2023.5.9 1457 776 KB
  T113-S3   CE Certification of MYC-YT113X CPU Mod... pdf 2023.10.25 113 238 KB
  T113-S3   MYC-YT113X Pinouts Description pdf 2023.10.19 236 107 KB
  T113-S3   3D STEP file of MYC-YT113X CPU Module zip 2023.10.8 196 2.31 MB

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