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MYIR Becomes IDH Partner of Renesas

2023-4-13   11:46:37     Click: 1454

Shenzhen, China – April 13, 2023 – MYIR Electronics Limited (Known as MYIR for short) has been officially audited and selected as certified Independent Design House (IDH) Partner for Renesas. The signing ceremony of the IDH cooperation Agreement between MYIR and Renesas was held on April 11 at MYIR’s Smart SMT factory. The two parties will work together to provide industry developers with development platforms and solutions for Renesas RZ series MPUs, and are committed to providing CPU modules and development boards as well as demos for embedded applications such as industrial HMI, industrial control, medical devices, power intelligent equipment, new energy and construction machinery and more others to help developers accelerate their design and launch of their embedded products.

Renesas & MYIR Partner Signing Ceremony at MYIR

Renesas Certification of IDH for MYIR

The Renesas RZ Family of 32-bit and 64-bit microprocessors (MPUs) enables the solutions required for the smart societies of the future. The Arm-based RZ microprocessor family includes RZ/N series, RZ/T series, RZ/G series, RZ/A series and RZ/V series. Through high-performance CPU cores and a variety of accelerators and peripheral functions, engineers can easily implement high-resolution human machine interfaces (HMI), embedded vision, embedded artificial intelligence (e-AI), and real-time control and industrial ethernet connectivity. Among them, RZ/G covers human-computer interaction (HMI) and IOT Edge products.

This year, MYIR has launched the MYC-YG2LX CPU Module and accompanying development board based on RENESAS RZ/G2L SoC which features 1.2GHz dual ARM Cortex-A55 and 200MHz Cortex-M33 cores with high-performance Mali-G31 3D GPU and built-in video codec engine. Moreover, it integrates dual gigabit Ethernet, up to 7 serial ports, 2 CANFD and other rich peripheral interfaces, which can meet the needs of complex industrial communication and provide higher performance solutions for more intelligent industrial equipment in the future, leading the evolution of the industrial market from 32-bit MPUs to 64-bit.

MYIRs CPU Module based on Renesas RZ/G2L Processor

About Renesas

Renesas Electronics Corporation delivers trusted embedded design innovation with complete semiconductor solutions that enable billions of connected, intelligent devices to enhance the way people work and live—securely and safely. A global leader in microcontrollers, analog, power, SoC products and integrated platforms, Renesas provides the expertise, quality, and comprehensive solutions for a broad range of automotive, industrial, home electronics, office automation and information communication technology applications to help shape a limitless future.

More information about Renesas can be found at:

About MYIR

MYIR Electronics Limited is a global provider of ARM based CPU Modules, Industrial Computing Boards and OEM/ODM services for embedded applications. With more than 10 years of research and development experience in the field of embedded processors, MYIR provides customers with various CPU modules based on ARM and FPGA architectures, charging pile control systems products and more others. MYIR has established good cooperative relationships with Xilinx, NXP, ST, TI, AllWinner and other well-known semiconductor manufacturers. MYIR has launched NXP i.MX, STM32MP1, AM335x, Zynq-7000, XCZU3EG, T507-H and many other popular series of CPU modules and industry demo applications, and served more than 10,000 enterprise customers, helping them develop their products successfully. The establishment of IDH partnership with Renesas will consolidate MYIR's leading position in the embedded processor module industry and continue to provide more professional CPU Modules and customized services for customers in medical, transportation, security, Internet of Things, edge computing, industrial gateway, artificial intelligence and other industries.

More information about MYIR can be found at:

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