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How to use MIC on SAMA5D3X?
How to use MIC on SAMA5D3X?

1. Decompress kernel source code and execute below commands to modify the file sama5d3mb.dtsi

# cd linux-at91/

# gedit arch/arm/boot/dts/sama5d3mb.dtsi

Find the sound configuration and add the lines "Mic", "MICBIAS" in the location as shown in below diagram:

Execute below commands and recompile the kernel:

./make_image.sh  linux-512mb

If the DDR2 is 256MB, please use the command: ./make_image.sh  linux256mb

After compilation, please replace the old uImage by newly created uImage (in arch/arm/boot/) and then reprogram.

2. Login in Linux and execute:

# alsamixer

3. Use the left/right direction keys on keyboard to switch the item to HPL Mux [ADC], and then press up/down direction keys to switch to Bypass, such as the diagram shown below:

4. Use the left/right keys on keyboard to switch the Iteam to Left Capture Inverting Mux and then press the up/down direction keys to switch to IN1L, such as the diagram shown below:

5. After above configuration, we can use the MIC on board for recording and playback testing.It equals to a microphone function. If you no need synch-playback, you don’t need to execute the step 3.