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Product Update Notice - Aug. 2017

2017-8-16   3:15:42     Click: 1859

Dear customers,


Thanks for using MYIR's products. Here we would like to inform you some updates on MYIR’s AM335x series and Xilinx series products.


The main updates are as below:

1. We have updated Linux kernel version from 3.2.0 to 4.1.18 for AM335x series products including MYD-AM335X, MYD-AM335X-Y, MYD-AM335X-J, MYC-AM335X, MCC-AM335X-Y, and MCC-AM335X-J.

2. We have released reference design for HDMI and LCD display functions without limitation for its Xilinx series products in August. The IP cores in the design are all provided by Xilinx. MYIR will provide Vivado project and SDK testing programs. MYIR will also provide Linux kernel and driver support in subsequent updates.


The customers who have bought the products and see this notice can contact MYIR for updated materials. Anyhow, we will inform each customers later also.


MYIR has been trying to improve our products and services all the time, we welcome any comments or suggestions from you.


Sincerely yours,


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