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MYIR Attended ARM Tech Symposia 2016

2016-11-14   22:7:40     Click: 2327

Shenzhen, China - November 14, 2016 - MYIR has attended ARM Tech Symposia 2016 respectively in Shanghai on Oct.31st, Beijing on Nov.2nd and Shenzhen on Nov.4th in China. The ARM Tech Symposia was held annually by ARM Company and the 2016 symposia is themed with “Technology of Tomorrow and Beyond”. ARM has shared the latest technologies based on ARM for whatever CPU or GPU, or applications from mobile, entertainment, electronics to cloud services or big data, or ultra-low power sensors to exascale computer to deliver insights about market trends to the participants. The group technical speeches this year were focused on “Next generation processing”, “Smart Embedded/IoT”, and “Intelligent Implementation &Infrastructure” three main topics.

MYIR, as the official partner of ARM, was invited to attend this symposia. On the symposia, MYIR has presented a series of mature ARM development tools and MYIR’s latest products solution based on ARM during the products’ demo link. This has attracted many participates to come to consultations. MYIR also sponsored one HUAWEI nova mobile phone and one GoPro HERO session mini HD video camera to this activity to bring luck to the participants.



MYIR at the Symposia

Prizes sponsored by MYIR

About ARM Corporation

Founded in 1990, ARM Holdings now is the world's leading semiconductor intellectual property (IP) supplier and as such is at the heart of the development of digital electronic products. Its business model involves the designing and licensing of IP rather than the manufacturing and selling of actual semiconductor chips. They license IP to a network of Partners, which includes the world's leading semiconductor and systems companies. These Partners utilize ARM IP designs to create and manufacture system-on-chip designs, paying ARM a license fee for the original IP and a royalty on every chip or wafer produced. In addition to processor IP, we provide a range of tools, physical and systems IP to enable optimized system-on-chip designs. With the diversity of ARM IP  and the broad  ecosystem of supporting silicon and software for ARM-based solutions, the world's leading Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) use ARM technology in a wide variety of applications ranging from mobile handsets and digital set top boxes to car braking systems and network routers. Today ARM technology is in use in 95% of smart phones, 80% of digital cameras, and 35% of all electronic devices.

About MYIR

MYIR Tech Limited is a global provider of ARM hardware and software tools, design solutions for embedded applications. We support our customers in a wide range of services to accelerate your time to market.

MYIR is an ARM Connected Community Member and work closely with ARM and many semiconductor vendors. We sell products ranging from board level products such as development boards, single board computers and CPU modules to help with your evaluation, prototype, system integration or creating your own applications. Our products are used widely in industrial control, medical devices, consumer electronic, telecommunication systems, Human Machine Interface (HMI) and more other embedded applications. MYIR has an experienced team and provides custom services based on many processors (especially ARM processors) to help customers make your idea a reality.

More information about MYIR can be found at:

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