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How to use SPI1 interface on Z-turn Board?
How to use SPI1 interface on Z-turn Board?

The SPI resource is as below:

Kernel Modification
Device tree has added spidev device and the kernel has modified the configuration option:
[mw_shl_code=bash,true]Device Drivers->SPI support->[/mw_shl_code]
User mode SPI device driver support
spi device node is at:
After selected this option, the spi device driver can be realized in user space. Please find relative material on net or refer to the source code:
The spi source code is at:

Device tree modification

The device tree has modified two places.
The first place is as below:
[mw_shl_code=c,true]aliases {
                ethernet0 = &gem0;
                serial0 = &uart1;
                serial1 = &uart0;
                spi0 = &qspi;
                spi1 = &spi1;              // added this row

The second place has added the spi definition.
[mw_shl_code=c,true]&spi1 {
        status = "okay";
        num-cs = <1>;
        spidev@0 {
            compatible = "spidev";
            reg = <0>;
            spi-max-frequency = <50000000>;
Enclosed herewith the compiled kernel, device tree file package as below:

  • uImagekernel image
  • devicetree.dtbdevice tree image (binary)
  • zynq-zturn.dtsdevice tree source file


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