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FAQ List Release Date
 1.  How to write bitstreams to the FPGA? 8/15/2018
 2.  When I use the FSBL of TRD project of Z-turn Board to generate BOOT.bin, the Lin... 6/5/2018
 3.  The IP core cannot be updated after opening the project you provided. How to upd... 6/5/2018
 4.  I worked with MYIR’s Z-turn 7020 board, I found there was no clock signal on the... 6/5/2018
 5.  When I work with Z-turn Zynq-7020 board, I only use the FPGA function without us... 6/5/2018
 6.  In the process of FSBL generation of the Zynq boards, I change the version of SD... 6/5/2018
 7.  Which interface of the Z-turn Board can I use to program devices from ViVADO SDK... 6/5/2018
 8.  The image file in the SD card of my Z-turn development board is deleted, could y... 6/5/2018
 9.  When I test the HDMI on Z-turn Board, it can only display for half an hour. What... 6/5/2018
 10.  What are the status for D7 on Z-turn Board and D1 on MYD-C7Z010/20 board? 11/15/2016
 11.  Does extension interfaces (on the bottom of Z-turn board) support LVDS different... 11/15/2016
 12.  Will MYIR provide us individual license for Xilinx Zynq for each board to work w... 10/18/2016
 13.  Why the error occurred in tcl configuration file in Vivado? 7/27/2016
 14.  How can I modify to display in 1024 x 768 VGA format? 5/15/2015
 15.  Why does the Z-turn Board HDMI output need IP? 5/15/2015
 16.  How to debug Z-turn Board? 5/14/2015
 17.  Can the Z-turn Board implement HDMI input function if writing IP oneself? 5/14/2015
 18.  How to use SPI1 interface on Z-turn Board? 5/14/2015
 19.  Can the Z-turn Board expansion connectors support LVDS differential input and ou... 5/14/2015

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